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Editor's Notes

Posting Requests to  Patti L Rhinesmith, RWG Secretary at NewJersey.OESGC@gmail.com   
GC Ofc 908-725-0222

Notary services are available, please call Grand Chaper Office for assistance. 

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Please contact Lorraine Altimus if you are interested in putting any photos on the website. 

Sister Lorraine Altimus, GO will be serving as photographer this year.  If you are looking to have pictures taken for the Grand Matron and Grand Patron's memory books, please contact her at your earliest convenience.  Her contact information is in the Official List Book. 

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We are NO LONGER accepting recycling itemsPlease do not bring them to your Chapter, there is no State Committee this year. 

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All "Star Journal" issues, current and past can be found on the NJOES home page, under the information tab.

There are two issues printed yearly, March and September.

June 7, 2022

Letter from the MWGM and MWGP


Virtual bingo and its a pajama party, wear your best PJ's and join us on Thursday, March 30th, at 7:30pm.  Contact Norma Hines at njhines2020@gmail.com for your Bingo Card,  instructions and Zoom invite.  Donations to the NJ Eastern Star Home, Inc., Checks can be sent directly to Barbara Helfrey,PGO Treasurer of the Home Board. 

Bingo Home 03.30.23.pdf

Receptions and District Meetings

Upcoming Dates  -- see Chapter & District Fundraisers below
     March 29th - District #32 merger into District #31   
     April 1st - Spring Fling Basket Auction - 6pm to 11pm
     April 16th - Grand Chauffeur's Party
     April 23rd - Annual Secretary/Treasurer meeting
     May 13th - Grand Representative meeting
     May 22 - 24th - Grand Session - Atlantic City

Feb. 19, 2023 Merger of District #32 into District #31 - March 29, 2023.
A ceremony to Merge the 32nd District into the 31st District will take place at Clifton Lodge, Clifton on Wednesday March 29, 2023 at 7:30pm.  The Official Family of the Chapters of these districts as well as membership are requested to attend.  

Feb 19, 2023 OES Grand Choir
The OES Grand Choir is once again rehearsing to sing at Grand Session.  We have a calendar for our rehearsals as well as music that will be sung at Session.  Please contact:  Mary Jane Lojewski

Feb 7, 2023 Grand Chauffeur's Party, April 16, 2023
Grand Chauffeur's Party to be held on Sunday April 16, 2023.  2pm Social hour, 3pm buffet.  Live music, Cost per person $30.00.  To be held at Crescent Shrine, Westampton, NJ.  RSVP by April 8th to Bryan Wallace. 


  Grand Session - Caesar's, Atlantic City, NJ
May 22, 23, and 24th, 2023

Reservations can be made now.
Room reservations - 888-516-2215 (8am-2am EST, 7 days a week)
Group name:  Order of Eastern Star 2023
Group Code:  SC05ES3 (the 0 is a zero not the letter)
***All callers will be asked for this code but can also book by saying "Order of Eastern Star 2023"

On line:  The link for the website is hhtps://book.passkey.com/go/sc05es3

More Information wil be posted soon.
Tentative flyer -
2023 Grand Session Tentative Schedule.pdf
Membership dinner -
2023 Membership dinner invite.pdf
Meal Plan -
2023 Meal Plan.pdf
Grand Representative's luncheon -
2023 Grand Representative luncheon Birthday bunch flyer.pdf
Landmark Tour for out of state visitors
Boardwalk Hall Tour Flyer - 2023.pdf

Jan 11, 2023 Annual Secretary/Treasurers Meeting - April 23, 2023
To be held at Olive Branch Lodge, Freehold.  Meeting at 3pm, dinner to follow.

Invitation for Sec-Treas Meeting - April 2023.pdf

Jan 11, 2023 Annual Grand Representative Meeting - May 13th, 2023
To be held at the Burlington Lodge, Burlington, NJ.  Meeting at 11:00 am, luncheon to follow. 

be held at Masonic Fellowship Center, Burlington Twsp.
Time 6:00pm to 11:00 pm, Cost $25.00, Sandwiches, desserts, soda and water.
Basket tickets: $10/sheet.  For tickets send checks to Karyn Visscher, GO.  Make checks payable to:  Grand Chapter Volutary Donations, ("Spring Fling" in the memor line).


Here are flyers for 2023-2024 Star Year.

Join Joanne and Her first - Cruise to Canada from Bayonne
August 24, 2023 to September 2, 2023
For more info contact Cruise Concepts - 973-616-9662
Flyer attached shortly..............

Travel Insurance
White Star Tours_NTA-PlanFlyer 2022.pdf

Finger Lakes & Cooperstown, New York - 5 days - 4nights
October 9 - 13, 2023, see attached flyer for more information
parking release liability finger lakes.docx


Good News and Health Announcements

Mar 23, 2023 John Carter, PGP
John Carter had a bad fall and fractured his hip. He had surgery on Sunday morning. Went well,  Cards can be sent to his home address.  Sister Judy, reports that
he is still in the hospital. His hip fracture looks like everything went well however it has set his Parkinsonís back a lot.  He cannot put any weight on his right leg so he is not going to be able to come home for at least 6 weeks or more, depending on how he is doing then they will have to do more pt to build strength and get his mussels going.  This will be a long haul. When he gets to his rehab, Iíll let you know when and where he will be. 

Mar 18, 2023 Joan Bowers, GO - Tuckerton #54
Please keep Sister Joan in your prayers, she was recently in the hospital.  Cards can be sent to her home.
Mar 18, 2023 Frank Thibault, PGO, Dewey #155
Brother Frank recently had a fall, and is home resting,  Please keep him in your prayers, cards can be sent to his home.

Feb 13, 2023 Susan Brustlin, PGO, Stella #20
A memorial service is plan for Sister Susan on Saturday, April 15th at 1:00 pm at Good Shepard Lutheran Church, 233 South Highwood Avenue, Glen Rock, NJ.  Mass starts at 1 pm, Eastern Star Service and luncheon immediately following mass, Please RSVP to Michele Brustlin at 267-882-5037

Jan 6, 2023 Brother Frank Lee, Little Falls #224
Brother Frank, husband of Patti Lee, PGO passed away on December 29th.  A memorial service will be held on April 1, 2023 in New JerseyMore information will be posted once received.


Grand Chapter Announcements
Please check with the WG Marshal if you lost or found any items. 

 Now Available
Updated Grand Chapter Highlights Book - $25.33
A synopsis of NJ Eastern Star 1870-2020.  The Highlights Book has been published and is available for sale through the Grand Chapter Office.  The cost is $25.33 each, which includes postage.  Please make your check payable to "Grand Chapter OES of NJ" and mail to Grand Chapter Office, 111 Finderne Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ  08807-3101
Proceedings available - Books $28, CDs $15

Affsa/Affsa - 2 Books
Capel/Parsons - 11 CD's
Bingenheimer/Robinson - 3 CD's
McGinley/Costello - 4 CD's


Good News
2023-2024 Joanne and her mystery man Grand Officers for 2023-2024
   MWGP select - James Hines, #155/36th

WG Chaplain - Carolyn Howard, #143/34th
    WG Marshal - Jacqueline Mabey, #183/33rd
    WG Adah - Stacey Osherhoski, #159/35th
    WG Ruth - Donna Leavett, #83/36th
    WG Esther - Jenifer Molinaro, #59/32nd
    WG Martha - Deirdre "Buni" Williams, #22/38th
    WG Electa - Martha Hudson, #159/35th
    WG Organist - David Bellhorn, #143/34th
    WG Color Bearer - Akiko Decker, #63/39th
 WG Bearer of the Christian Flag - Pamela Barcelona, #98/31st
    WG Bearer of the ES Flag - Tammy Wilkie, #276/38th
    WG Soloist - Beth Barnish, #219/37th
    WG Warder - Roberta Russell, #99/33rd
    WG Sentinel - Bryan Wallace, #82/36th
    WG Fraternal Correspondent - Judith Brown, #227/37
    WG Private Secretary - Margaret "Meg" Williams, #205/31st
    Official Prompter - Jeannette Wallace, #82/36th

    WDD #31 - Janet Dewes, #205/31st
    WDD #33 - Anita Erickson, #183/33rd
    WDD #34 - Dorothy Westdyke, #251/34th
    WDD #35 - Laura Elko, #54/35
    WDD #36 - Dawn Freney, #155/36th
    WDD #37 - Deborah Diem-Martin, #201/37th
    WDD #38 - Heather Shoppas, #276/38th
    WDD #39 - Ellen Mason, #38/39th

2022-2023 Jeannette and Bernie's Grand Representatives
     Alabama - Lisa Crank, #149/37th
     Alberta - Lisa Couch, #107/39th
     Arkansas - Amy James, #50/39th
     Australia - Virginia Dickinson, #155/36th
     Bolivia - Carol Ann MacDonald, #99/33rd
     Bristish Columbia & Yukon - Brenda Sozanski, #166/39th
     California - Bernie J. Byrne, #205/31st
     Colorado - Michael Emerson, #121/32nd  
     Florida - Joan Bowers, #54/35th
     Illinois - Linda McDowell, #82/36

     Iowa - Karyn Visscher, #99/33
     Italy - Cathy Fusaro, #159/35
     Nebraska - Eugene Grace, #41/33
     New Mexico - Vicky Slossar, #59/32nd
     North Carolina - Barbara Wentzien, #159/35th
     North Dakota - Joyce Calabro, #198/34
     Ohio - Susan Whitty, #205/31st

     Oklahoma - Nancy Rudolph Myers, #22/38th
     Pennsylvania - Ruth Ann Hoyt, #50/39th
     Puerto Rico - Lizette Priliszh, #183/33rd
     Rhode Island - Linda Aho, #54/35th
     Scotland - Jessica Walton, #159/35th
     South Carolina - Dawn Altimus, #147/38

     Tennessee - Rose Tesoroni, #82/36
     Texas - Pamela DeLisa, #140/37
     West Virginia - Pamela Lindson, #198/34
     Wyoming - Barbara Helfrey-Hayes, #22/38th

Jeannette and Bernie's Grand Officers
2021-2022 Daria & Bruce's Grand Officers 

Daria & Bruce's Grand Representatives


2019-2020 Norma & Dan's Grand Representatives
2018-2019 Lynn & Ken's Grand Representatives
Chapter & District Fundraisers

General Information

Charity Foundation News
Amazon smile program has ended as of  2/20/2023

Jan 21, 2023 Charity Foundation Life Skills Grant Application


Jan 11, 2023 Nomination form for Charity Foundation

Eastern Star Charity Foundation of New Jersey, Inc.

Sisters and Brothers,


Your Eastern Star Charity Foundation needs your attention and assistance.  At the Wonderful Worlds of Stars Grand Session, the Membership will elect four (4) persons to the Charity Foundationís Board of Directors to serve for a three (3) year term and one (1) person for an unexpired 1 year term.  Your Charity Foundation has been in existence since June 7, 1939 and has served our Order by providing college and nursing school scholarships, interest free college loans, life skills grants and financial assistance to members facing financial hardships. This assistance is awarded in strict confidence after a review of individual circumstances.


The Charity Foundation needs members who are willing to participate with the work of the Foundation, we invite you to consider submitting your nomination for election to the Board.


The Board of Directors has extended the due date for nominations to April 1st. Those wishing to be elected to the Board can either be at the meeting during Grand Session or have a written acceptance of their nomination received by the Secretary of the Board of Directors.


             Please mail the forms to:

             JoAnn Bingenheimer, PGM


Please consider becoming a part of your Charity Foundation team. Working together we will continue to successfully carry out our mission.


In Star Love and Service,


Joseph Herx, GO



Charity Foundation Nomination Form.docx

March 15, 2023 The OES Charity Foundation will be Wednesday, April 5th at 7pm. It will be virtual using the link provided by below.  To receive the meeting link please send an email no later than 6pm on the day of the meeting.

To receive the meeting link each month please send an email to: 

You may not know that being a Member of the Order also makes you a member of the Charity Foundation.  As members of the Eastern Star Charity Foundation, you are always invited to attend the monthly meetings held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7pm. 

As the time of the meeting approaches, you will receive the link/invite for the meeting from that email account (approximately 6pm).

Normally, these meetings take place in the Board Room of the OES Home.  Due to Covid-19 we have been meeting via Grand Chapter's WebEx account.  We invite you to attend these meetings fromthe comfort of your own home.

As the time of the meeting approaches, you will receive the link/invite for the meeting from that email account (approximately 6pm)

The Board holds an Executive Session prior to the public portion of the meeting.  Our Executive Session may run slightly over, so please do not be discouraged if you are asked to wait in the "waiting room" (or to log off) for a few minutes. 

Please request the meeting link monthly.

Jan. 27, 2021 THE Eastern Star Charity Foundation of New Jersey, Inc. -
"Rays of Caring Capital Campaign.  "Be a Ray of Light to our Sisters and Brothers in Need".  


OES Home News - website:  www.njeasternstarhome.com
The NJ Eastern Star Home has had several cases of COVID among their Staff and Residents.  At the present time we are strongly suggesting that you don't visit any of the residents.  Instead, we are asking that you call them.  We have suspended all activites till after the New Year.  Remember that in order to go to the Home to perform an activity you must have had your COVID vaccination and at least one booster.  You also need to have this year's flu shot.  You will have to have your COVID vaccination card and a receipt that you did get this year's flu shot in order to help with the activity.  You can ask your doctor or Pharmacy for a document stating that you received your flu shot.  If you have any questions, please contact Simone Rudich the Director of Activites at 908-722-4140 ext. 3527 or email her at srudick@njeasternstarhome.com.

Thank you
Debbie LeDoux


At the present time, the Home is open for visitors.  The Home is adhering to the requirements from the
CDC and Governorís office.  The community transmission rate for Somerset County is HIGH; the Home isstrongly DISCOURAGING visits at this time. If you do plan to visit, we strongly encourage being tested.The facility is offering free COVID testing if you feel the need.

If you, or your Chapter, would like to do BINGO, craft projects or anything else you will need to contact Simone Rudich, Director of Activities at 908-
722-4140, ext. 3527 and let her know when and how many volunteers you will be bringing. Masks must be worn while you are in the Home and you need to have your temperature recorded when you enter the Home. You can only enter through the main lobby. 

Donations:  The Board of Directors and the New Jersey Eastern Star Home wants to thank everyone for
your donations during these difficult times.   We are grateful for the Road Show Gown Boutique and BasketAuctions which have helped tremendously since we have been unable to hold Home Day and other FundRaisers. Please support these activities as the proceeds benefit the Home. If you would like to donate tothe Home, please make checks payable to New Jersey Eastern Star Home, Inc. and in the memo line, putwhere you would like it to go.  Please mail ALL donations to Barbara Helfrey, PGO. 

Your generous donations to the Resident Welfare Fund are greatly appreciated. Many of our members are
unaware that we have two separate funds:
The New Jersey Eastern Star Member Resident WelfareFund, and the Non-Eastern Star Member Resident Welfare Fund. Please make it clear in the memoline into which fund your donation should go. This will make it easier for our Treasurer, BarbaraHelfrey, to make sure it is deposited correctly.The Home is in need of BINGO prizes and items for the monthly Boutique.  Here are some of thesuggestions, stuffed animals, jewelry, books, lap blankets, scarves, tissues, yarn, shirts for men andwomen, ties, hats, watches, or any other item you might want to donate.  Please make sure that you put itto the attention of Simone Rudich, Director of Activities.  Please see Simoneís article. It will be updatedagain shortly to include our usual Christmas donations for the residents. 

Cards for the Residents:  The Department of Health is now focusing on preventing social isolation amongst  residents. The Board of Directors is asking our membership to send cards to the Eastern Star Nursing Home.  If you know a resident there you can send it addressed to them.  If you donít you can send your cards to the Activities Director, Simone Rudich and she will pass them out among the residents. 

The mailing address for Simone is:
New Jersey Eastern Star Home, Inc.
Attn: Simone Rudich
111 Finderne Avenue
Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807

It doesnít have to be a holiday; you can send thinking of you cards or anything that would benefit the

The Eastern Star Home and the Board of Directors thanks you for all that you do for the
residents.   Refresh and Renew Project:  The A unit has been completed and looks beautiful. We now must fix the B Unit and the shower room.

Attached below is information on the Refresh and Renew Project.
 Becoming a Resident:  Attached below is information on becoming a resident at the Home.

If you have any questions, please contact Shelretha LaSure at 908-225-5446 or at the home on ext. 3581 and she can get you the information you need.  

Thanks in advance for your help and please stay safe.
Diane Schmolze, PGM,
President Board of Directors OES Home



Becoming a resident_Flyer.pd