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Editor's Notes

Posting Requests to  Patti L Rhinesmith, RWG Secretary at NewJersey.OESGC@gmail.com   
GC Ofc 908-725-0222

Notary services are available, please call Grand Chaper Office for assistance. 

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Please contact Lorraine Altimus if you are interested in putting any photos on the website. 

Sister Lorraine Altimus, PGO will be serving as photographer this year.  If you are looking to have pictures taken for the Grand Matron and Grand Patron's memory books, please contact her at your earliest convenience.  Her contact information is in the Official List Book. 

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We are NO LONGER accepting recycling itemsPlease do not bring them to your Chapter, there is no State Committee this year. 

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The "Star Journal" current and past issues can be found on the NJOES home page, under the information tab.

The NEW ISSUE FOR SEPTEMBER 2022 will be out soon, watch your mail boxes for it, and it will be posted on the website.   

June 7, 2022

Letter from the MWGM and MWGP




Due to circumstances beyond their control, NJ Rainbow has had to change the location of their Grand Assembly. The convention will now take place at Fellowship Hall in Burlington. Friday night is still our Grand Visitation for those who can attend, and will begin at 7pm. Saturday Session will begin at 10am. There is no Sunday session. There is no housing - those wishing to stay nearby will need to make their own arrangements. Thank you for your understanding as the girls are forced to switch gears - please continue to support them as you can!

Receptions/GO Honor Nights/District Meetings

Upcoming Dates  -- see Chapter & District Fundraisers below

     August 12th - August 14th - NJ Grand Assembly
     August 20th - August 27th - Bus Trip to Mackinac Island
     September 12th - Top 3, Tuckerton Chapter #54
     September 13th - Top 3, Dewey Chapter #155
     September 14th - 1st GO Night, at Shekinah Chapter #83
     September 16th - Honor night, Lydia Chapter #41 for GR of Austrialia
     September 17th - Reception for MWGM & MWGP at Shore Casino
     September 19th - Reception, Starlight Chapter #107 for RW Grand Conductress, WDD #39 and
         GR of Louisana and GR of West Virginia
     September 22nd - OES Home Bd meeting
     September 24th - 35th District Meeting, Harmony Lodge, Toms River
     September 25th - Afternoon at Grand Lodge Museum, Trenton
     September 29th - Reception, Emmaus Chapter #183 for WG OES Flag Bearer, and WDD #33

Aug 7, 2022 3rd Annual NJ Eastern Star State Master Mason's Night - September 10th, 2022
Cost $40.00.  Social hour 5pm, Dinner 6pm, followed by Program at 7:30pm.  Choice of Lemon Chicken or Sliced Top Sirloin, roasted potato and fresh vegtables, Bread/rolls, dessert, soda/water/coffee.  Cash bar.  Guest speaker:  Gregory W. Young, PM, Author:  "The Freemans Who Won America's War for Independence". 

RSVP by Friday September 3rd.  Checks made payable to Grand Chapter Voluntary Donations and send to Sharon Rosequist, RWGC.  Contact for her is: 

Aug. 7, 2022 October 30, 3022 - Quinn's Quest - Tomasello's Winery
Contact Glenda Westenberger for more information.

Aug. 7, 2022 October 29, 2022 - Halloween Hoot
To be held at Scottish Rite, Dunns Mill Rd., Bordentown, NJ
Wear your costome, and enjoy awesome music, surprises and lots of fun.  Sandwiches, desserts, beverages.  Cost $25.00, make checks payable to Voluntary Donations (Halloween Hott in subject line).  For tickets contact Karyn Visscher at
August 7, 2022 Fall Campout - Sea Shore Campground
More information contact Joann Bingenheimer.

Aug. 1, 2022 Tour of the Grand Lodge Museum in Trenton - September 29th.
An afternoon at the Grand Lodge of NJ Museum of Masonic Culture, Sunday September 29, 2022 at 2pm, Trenton, NJ .  Tours; Scavenger Hunt; and learn about our Masonic History.   For more information contact kbvisscher@gmail.com

Feb 28, 2022 SOUTHERN CARIBBEAN CRUISE - January 16 thru January 27, 2023
Come join Sister Jeannette and her mystery man on board the Vision of the Seas for a Southern Caribbean Cruise from Monday January 16th, through Friday January 27, 2023.  There are three flyers attached, with various prices and ways to arrive to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Please contact Diane Schmolze for any questions. 

OES - RCL Vision cruise only flyer- 011623 (4).pdf
OES - RCL Vision EWR air flyer- 011523.pdf
OES - RCL Vision PHL air flyer - 011523.pdf

Aug. 7, 2022 Key to Success Reunion- October 2, 2022
More information to follow
June 22, 2022 Believe in Dreams Reunion - October 16, 2022
Come join the Believe in Dreams Reunion with Lynn and Ken Billingham on Sunday October 16th, 2022.  Social 2pm, Dinner at 3pm at Calloway's Restaurant, West Creek Eaglewood Twp. Price $30.00 per person, cash bar, $2.00 dues for the club will be collected.  RSVP to Joan Bowers at joanmarie1956@comcast.net

Good News and Health Announcements


Aug 3, 2022 Emma DiBartolo sister of Sister Norma Hines, PGM
Sister Norma's sister Emma DiBartolo passed away on Saturday July 30th.  Please keep Sister Norma and her family in your prayers.  Cards can be sent to her home

July 21, 2022 Eric Gonzalez son in law of Sister Cathy Fusaro, GO
Please keep Sister Cathy and her family in your prayers at the sudden and unexpected loss of her son-in-law Eric Gonzalez (the twins father).  Arrangements are being held at Allwood Funeral Home, Clifton, NJ on Sunday July 24th from 2pm to 6pm.  Visit the website for more information.   Please keep Sister Cathy and her family in your thoughts and prayers.  Cards can be sent to her home. 

Grand Chapter Announcements
Please check with the WG Marshal if you lost or found any items. 

 Now Available
Updated Grand Chapter Highlights Book - $24.33
A synopsis of NJ Eastern Star 1870-2020.  The Highlights Book has been published and is available for sale through the Grand Chapter Office.  The cost is $24.33 each, which includes postage.  Please make your check payable to "Grand Chapter OES of NJ" and mail to Grand Chapter Office, 111 Finderne Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ  08807-3101

Aug. 3, 2022
Looking for excess Paraphernalia/Flags/Poles etc
For Chapters in need, please contact , Dawn Smith, RWG Trustee.
3 electric Signets available, Five-point Altar with cushion available, contact RWG Secretary.

Dewey Chapter has an altar and altar cushions if anyone is interested in them.  Contact Linda Thibault, Secretary of Dewey Chapter if you are interested in them. 

Click to EnlargeClick to EnlargeClick to Enlarge

Proceedings available - Books $28, CDs $15

Affsa/Affsa - 6 Books
Capel/Parsons - 11 CD's
Bingenheimer/Robinson - 3 CD's
McGinley/Costello - 4 CD's


Good News
2022-2023 Jeannette and Bernie's Grand Representatives
     Illinois - Linda McDowell #82/36
     Iowa - Karyn Visscher #99/33
     Italy - Cathy Fusaro #159/35
     Ohio - Susan Whitty #205/31

     Oklahoma - Nancy Rudolph Myers #22/38
     Pennsylvania - Ruth Ann Hoyt #50/39
     South Carolina - Dawn Altimus #147/38
     Tennessee - Rose Tesoroni #82/36
     Texas - Pamela DeLisa, #140/37

Jeannette and Bernie's Grand Officers
2021-2022 Daria & Bruce's Grand Officers 

Daria & Bruce's Grand Representatives


2019-2020 Norma & Dan's Grand Representatives
2018-2019 Lynn & Ken's Grand Representatives
Chapter & District Fundraisers
Aug. 1, 2022 37th District Church Service - August 28, 2022 - 10am
at Clonmell United Methodist Church, Gibbstown
Sister Gerry Pohlig will deliver the message on Judges Chapter 11 - Jephtha the Gileadite. 

After the service you are welcome to join for lunch at Riverwinds Restaurant.  Contact Kaye Jenkings by 8/20/22, email

General Information
Charity Foundation News
  Do you shop Amazon.com? Did you know that you can benefit the Eastern Star Charity Foundation when you do, at no additional cost? The next time you plan to shop on Amazon, simply log in as Smile.Amazon.Com. You can then designate the Eastern Star Charity Foundation as the charity you support. You use your existing Amazon account, there are no additional fees, and it's very easy to do! Please spread the word to family and friends, and any businesses who make purchases on Amazon - as long as they designate the Eastern Star Charity Foundation of NJ as the charity they support, the Charity Foundation will receive a small donation from most purchases. We appreciate the support!
Apr 13, 2021 The OES Charity Foundation will be Wednesday, September 7th at 7pm. It will be virtual using the link provided by below.  To receive the meeting link please send an email no later than 6pm on the day of the meeting.

To receive the meeting link each month please send an email to: 

You may not know that being a Member of the Order also makes you a member of the Charity Foundation.  As members of the Eastern Star Charity Foundation, you are always invited to attend the monthly meetings held on the 1st Wednesday of each month at 7pm. 

As the time of the meeting approaches, you will receive the link/invite for the meeting from that email account (approximately 6pm).

Normally, these meetings take place in the Board Room of the OES Home.  Due to Covid-19 we have been meeting via Grand Chapter's WebEx account.  We invite you to attend these meetings fromthe comfort of your own home.

As the time of the meeting approaches, you will receive the link/invite for the meeting from that email account (approximately 6pm)

The Board holds an Executive Session prior to the public portion of the meeting.  Our Executive Session may run slightly over, so please do not be discouraged if you are asked to wait in the "waiting room" (or to log off) for a few minutes. 

Please request the meeting link monthly.

Jan. 27, 2021 THE Eastern Star Charity Foundation of New Jersey, Inc. -
"Rays of Caring Capital Campaign.  "Be a Ray of Light to our Sisters and Brothers in Need".  


OES Home News - website:  www.njeasternstarhome.com
May 29th Message from Simone Rudich, Director of Activities

Dear Family and Friends, 


I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe during these trying times.  My name is Simone Rudich, I am the new Director of Activities, here at New Jersey Eastern Star Home.  I have years of experiences working in nursing homes, memory care assisted living, and various continuing care communities.  I graduated from Gwynedd Mercy University with my bachelorís degree in Gerontology and am currently in the process of earn my MBA.   I am extremely grateful to be giving the opportunity to become a member of this community.   


I  wanted to reach out to introduce myself and to thank all of you and everyone for bringing in donations to contribute to our monthly Boutique.   It is a monthly social event the residents are always looking forward to attending.  Our Boutique days are scheduled to take place on the 4th Thursday of every month.  


I am reaching out to see if you would be willing to help me spread the word around the community to see if anyone would be interested and willing to make some donations for the store this month, I would greatly appreciate it!  

Currently the residents expressed interest in finding more items such as Menís and Womenís watches and clothing in the mix next month.  (Womenís blouses from small-2xl / Men's tops and jackets from large to 2XL).  Word search books and Sudoku puzzles are always a crowd pleaser!  

In addition, to our boutique day,
I strongly believe that even as we get older, we should continue to encourage others and ourselves to strive in growth and personal capabilities.  Here at New Jersey Eastern Star Home, we are interested in developing a variety of different programs some of which include music, art, horticulture, as well as taking part in community outreach organizations.  I am reaching out to our community to ask if anyone is willing to donate supplies to help enrich our seniors through programming and more.

As always, any donations are greatly appreciated.  

Thanks for your time.


Simone Rudich 

Director of Activities  

New Jersey Eastern Star Home  




Becoming a resident_Flyer.pd