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Editor's Notes

Posting Requests to  Patti L Rhinesmith, RWG Secretary at NewJersey.OESGC@gmail.com   
GC Ofc 908-725-0222

Notary services are available, please call Grand Chaper Office for assistance. 

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Please contact Lorraine Altimus if you are interested in putting any photos on the website. 

Sister Lorraine Altimus, PGO will be serving as Sister Daria and Brother Bruce's  photographer this year.  If you are looking to have pictures taken for the Grand Matron and Grand Patron's memory books, please contact her at your earliest convenience.  Her contact information is in the Official List Book. 

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We are NO LONGER accepting recycling itemsPlease do not bring them to your Chapter, there is no State Committee this year. 

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 Funeral Services:

Release Form to be signed by all members in attendance at a funeral. Can be found until FORMS   www.njoes.com/forms.html


Star Journal Issues can be found on the NJOES home page, under the information tab.

The February 2022 issue is now posted.   

FEB 26, 2022 Effective March 6th, you will no longer be required to wear a mask.  If you are uncomfortable not wearing one, please do so, this is at your discretions.

Starting March 12th, singing will be permitted in Chapters.

Dec 2, 2021

Letter from the MWGM and MWGP regarding meetings starting January 1st, 2022.


Oct 18, 2021

Covid release quiestionnaire for Chapter meetings

Please see attached questionnaire to be used at each meeting.  


Receptions/GO Honor Nights/District Meetings


Upcoming Dates  -- see Chapter & District Fundraisers below
Due to the lack of staff, Caesar's only has Valet parking on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays.  If you valet park on Sunday, your car will not be returned to you till Thursday.  If you wish to use your car on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday use self parking. 

If you register on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, the bellhop will unload your car as normal, you then have to self park your car.


2022 - Proposed amendment Chapter 15. districts.pdf
2022 - Proposed amendment Chapter 15.1(c).pdf
2022 - Proposed amendment Chapter 16. committees.pdf
2022 - Proposed amendment Chapter 16.pdf
2022 - Proposed amendment Chapter 2-4.pdf
2022 - Proposed amendment Chapter 29.1.pdf
2022 - Proposed amendment Chapter 29.8 other matters.pdf
2022 - Proposed amendment Charity Foundation Article III, Section 8.pdf
2022 - Proposed amendment Charity Foundation.pdf
2022 nominations & qualifications.docx
2022-2023 Operating Budget.xlsx
Charity Foundation nominees for 2022 (4).docx

April 19, 2022 PM and PP Association of New Jersey - 100th Annual meeting and Banquet Saturday May 14, 2022
Meeting at 1:00pm, banquet to follow
Place Musconetcong Lodge, Budd Lake,
Subscription $15.00, reservations by May 7th, 2022 to Michele Hess, PGM, Secretary

Feb 28, 2022 SOUTHERN CARIBBEAN CRUISE - January 16 thru January 27, 2023
Come join Sister Jeannette and her mystery man on board the Vision of the Seas for a Southern Caribbean Cruise from Monday January 16th, through Friday January 27, 2023.  There are three flyers attached, with various prices and ways to arrive to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Please contact Diane Schmolze for any questions. 

Feb 10, 2022 "Simply Fabulous Masquerade Ball" - has been canceled.  A raffle is being held in its place.

50/50 tickets are being sold to benefit Voluntary Donations.  Cost of the tickets is $10.00.  Drawing date is May 23rd at the reception of our MWGM and MWGP.  First Price is 50% of all monies received from the sale of the 50/50 tickets.

Second price is a one night stay at our 2021-2022 Grand Session. 

Third Prize is a handmade quilt. 

District Deputies have tickets to sell!  If you have any questions, please contact Linda Thibault, WDD #36.  Her phone number is listed in the Official List book.  

To be held on May 23, 24, and 25, 2022 at Caesars Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ 
Formal Opening, Monday May 23, 2022, at 7:30 pm. 

The tentative schedule will be posted soon. 

Group information: 
                    Room Reservations - 888-516-2215 (8am - 2am est, 7 days a week)
                    Group name :  Order of Eastern Star 2022
                    Group code:  SC05ES2  (all callers will be asked for this code but can also book by saying
                                                               "Order of Eastern Star 2022")
Online registration:  Here is the link for the website: 

You will also receive a separate email from the Passkey system that will allow you all reservations and your pick-up.  

** If you have any questions or problems when signing in please contact Diana and Emil Affsa.**

Reception for MWGM & MWGP to be held on Monday May 23rd from 5 to 7 pm. flyer will be attached as soon it becomes available.

Meal Plan will include two Dinners and two breakfast.  Cost will be as follows:
              Option 1 is $150.00. 
              Option 2 is includes two dinners  for $110.00
              Option 3 is $60.00 for two breakfast. 

2022 _Grand_Session_Tentative_Schedule.pdf

update 4-28-22 - The Grand Representatives lunch on Tuesday May 24th, has reached maximum capacity.  If you wish to be put on the waiting list, please contact Sister Judy Alberti. 

Also, the last day to sign up for the meal will be Monday, May 2nd.  

Jan 3, 2022 JOINT RECEPTION - MWGM & MWGP - MAY 23, 2022
A joint reception will be held for Sister Daria Hamm, MWGM and Brother Bruce Zielinski, MWGP on Monday May 23rd, 2022 from 5-7pm at Empire Room Caesar's Palace - Atlantic City, NJ 

Flyer:  Reception mwgm_mwgp Flyer

update 4-20-22 - The reception for our MWGM and MWGP on Monday May 23rd, has reached maximum capacity.  If you wish to be put on the waiting list, please contact Sister Francine Zioance. 
May 3, 2022 Come join "Diana and Emil" for Bubba's Christmas In July Party
on Sunday July 10, 2022, at the home of "The Visscher's" Morris Plains, NJ at 3:00pm.  $20.00 per person.  Make checks payable to "Voluntary Donations" Veteran's Project in the memo line.  Proceeds to benefit Veterans Charities.  Please rsvp to Karyn Visscher at kbvisscher@gmail.com

Apr 6, 2022 Annual "Mid Summer Get-Together" with Sister Rita, PGM & Brother Gene, PGP and their staff of 2000-2001 Grand Officers
Enjoy an afternoon of "Star-fellowship" combined with a luncheon on Wednesday July 20, from 1pm to 4pm at the Captains Inn, Forked River, NJ.  $38.00 per person, cash bar.  RSVP to Sister Rita Birne, PGM. 

April 2, 2022 "WINTER WONDERLAND" REUNION - JULY 9th, at 11:30 am.
The reunion date is scheduled for Saturday July 9th at 11:30am.  It will be hosted by the 34th District.  To be held Town & Country Inn, 48 Highway 35, Keyport, NJ.  Order off the menu, dues is $2.00.   Please rsvp by July 1st, to Pamela Lindson. 

Nov 8, 2021 20th REUNION - "SMILE AND A SONG CLUB"
The 20th reunion of the Smile and a Song Club will be held on Sunday, June 5th, 2022, at 2:00 pm at Cresent Shrine.  Cost will be $20.00.  RSVP to Mary Jane, MJLSong@aol.com  Mail reservations to Sister Mary Jane Lojewski, PGM.  All are welcomed to attend. 

Oct 18, 2021 "With God all things are Possible" Reunion - June 26th, 2022
Reunion hosted by the 34
th District, more information to follow.  Please note this new date of June 26, 2022, from the original date was February 13th. 

Good News and Health Announcements

May 5, 2022
Norma Hines, Jr. PGM, Dewey #155, 36th District
Sister Norma has been released from the rehab and now resting at her sister-in laws home.  You can text or call and continue to send cards to her home. 

May 2022 Daria Hamm, our MWGM
Sister Daria is experiencing some health issues and is currently undergoing some tests.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Cards are welcomed. 

May 7, 2022 Heather Earle, PGO, Mt. Holly #147
We just heard from the family of Heather Earle, Sister Heather passed away on November 25, 2021.

Apr 28, 2022 William Meehan, PP, Tilden #59
Brother Bill passed away on Thursday April 21st, 2022.  There will be no viewing as per his wishes.  Cards can be sent to his wife Sister Elaine and his family.  Please visit the website of Colonial Funeral Home, Brick, NJ for more information. 

Grand Chapter Announcements
Please check with the WG Marshal if you lost or found any items. 

 Now Available
Updated Grand Chapter Highlights Book - $24.33
A synopsis of NJ Eastern Star 1870-2020.  The Highlights Book has been published and is available for sale through the Grand Chapter Office.  The cost is $24.33 each, which includes postage.  Please make your check payable to "Grand Chapter OES of NJ" and mail to Grand Chapter Office, 111 Finderne Avenue, Bridgewater, NJ  08807-3101
  Looking for excess Paraphernalia/Flags/Poles etc
For Chapters in need, please contact Mary Elaine Guynn, RWG Trustee.
3 electric Signets available, Five-point Altar with cushion available, contact RWG Secretary.
Complete set of Chapter Officers' badges, excellent condition
Proceedings available - Books $28, CDs $15

Affsa/Affsa - 6 Books
Capel/Parsons - 11 CD's
Bingenheimer/Robinson - 3 CD's
McGinley/Costello - 4 CD's


Good News
2022-2023 Jeannette and Bernie's Grand Officers
2021-2022 Daria & Bruce's Grand Officers 

Daria & Bruce's Grand Representatives


2019-2020 Norma & Dan's Grand Representatives
2018-2019 Lynn & Ken's Grand Representatives
Chapter & District Fundraisers
  Beverly Maqueda Chapter - Mother's Day Flower Sale
Once again Beverly Maqueda will be doing a Mother's Day Flower sale.  Many choices to chose from. They will be available for pick up at their May 12th meeting.  Orders must be in by March.  Please contact Heather Shoppas for more information.

  Starlight Chapter Cookbook - "Our Favorite Recipes"
Approx 350 recipes by OES members & friends. Hardcover, $15. Postage $7.25 for 1 or 2 books; $13.65 to mail 3-6 books. Payable to Starlight Chapter, mail to Barbara Repp, WDD #39
General Information
Charity Foundation News
  Do you shop Amazon.com? Did you know that you can benefit the Eastern Star Charity Foundation when you do, at no additional cost? The next time you plan to shop on Amazon, simply log in as Smile.Amazon.Com. You can then designate the Eastern Star Charity Foundation as the charity you support. You use your existing Amazon account, there are no additional fees, and it's very easy to do! Please spread the word to family and friends, and any businesses who make purchases on Amazon - as long as they designate the Eastern Star Charity Foundation of NJ as the charity they support, the Charity Foundation will receive a small donation from most purchases. We appreciate the support!
Apr 13, 2021 The OES Charity Foundation will meet virtually this Wednesday,  2022, May 4th  at 7pm.  To receive the meeting link please send an email to:  oescharityfoundationnj@gmail.com.

You will receive the link/invite for the meeting from that email account before Wednesday. 

The Board holds an Executive Session prior to the public portion of the meeting.  Our Executive Session may run slightly over, so please do not be discouraged if youare asked to wait in the "waiting room" (or to log off) for a few minutes. 

Please request the meeting link monthly.
Jan. 27, 2021 THE Eastern Star Charity Foundation of New Jersey, Inc. -
"Rays of Caring Capital Campaign.  "Be a Ray of Light to our Sisters and Brothers in Need".  


The Eastern Star Charity Foundation of New Jersey awards scholarships to graduating high school seniors or related equivalent, and entering an accredited college or university in the Fall of 2022.  Request an application for a Scholarship through the Eastern Star Chairty Foundation of New Jersey today.

The Eastern Star Charity Foundation awards two (2) Regular Scholarships, one (1) Allied Health Scholarship and one (1) NJ Rainbow Scholarship.  Each of the four awarded recipients will receive a one time scholarship in the amount of $5,000.00.

Please contact Sister Judy Brown via mail or by email at
jandd11@verizon.net to request an aplications.  All requests must include the name and address of your graduating 2022 senior. 

Applications must be requested by February 1, 2022.

Completed Applications must be submitted by March 1, 2022, in order to be considered.

In Star Friendship
Judy Brown, Scholarship Committee
Eastern Star Charity Foundation of New Jersey.

OES Home News - website:  www.njeasternstarhome.com
Mar 24, 2022

Annual meeting of the NJ Eastern Star Home

The Annual Meeting of the New Jersey Eastern Star Home is set for Saturday, June 4, 2022 at Burlington Masonic Lodge, Route 541, Burlington, NJ.  If you are uncomfortable being in large crowds, we will also be having it virtually.  If you would like to participate in the virtual meeting, please send me your name and email address to debbie9011@gmail.com.   If the Delegate or one of the Alternates cannot attend, the Worthy Matron, Worthy Patron, or Associate Matron can attend and one of them may vote for your Chapter.

Attached is the petition for any members that would like to be elected to the Board of Directors.  We have four three-year terms open.  Please think about submitting a petition, it is a very rewarding experience.  If you have any questions, please contact one of the Board members.  If you would like to be on the Home Board, please fill out the petition and return it by May 1st. 

Petition to be attached shortly.....................

Mar 13, 2022

REQUEST from the Director of Activies at the OES Home 

Simone Rudich, Director of Activities at the Eastern Star Home is organizing an Easter Egg Hunt for the residents.  She is looking for donations of plastic eggs and small candy to put into the eggs.  If you would like to donate plastic eggs or candy please contact Simone at 908-722-4140, ext. 3527.  Thank you in advance for your help.

Debbie LeDoux

Mar 9, 2022 Message from Simone Rudich Director of ActivitieS
Dear Members of the Eastern Star,

I hope you are all doing well and keeping safe during these trying times.  My name is Simone Rudich, I am the new Director of Activities, here at New Jersey Eastern Star Home.  I have years of experiences working in nursing homes, memory care assisted living, and various continuing care communities.  I graduated from Gwynedd Mercy University with my bachelor’s degree in Gerontology and am currently in the process of earn my MBA.  I am extremely grateful to be giving the opportunity to become a member of this community.

I wanted to reach out to introduce myself and to thank all of you and everyone for bringing in donations to contribute to our monthly Boutique.  It is a monthly social event the residents are always looking forward to attending.  Our Boutique days are scheduled to take place on the 4th 
Thursday of every month. 

I am reaching out to see if you would be willing to help me spread the word around the community to see if anyone would be interested and willing to make some donations for the store this month, I would greatly appreciate it!

Currently the residents expressed interest in finding more items such as Men’s and Women’s watches and clothing in the mix next month.  (Women’s blouses from small-2xl / Men's tops and JACKETS FROM LARGE TO 2XL).  WORD SEARCH books and Sudoku puzzles are always a crowd pleaser! 

In addition, to our boutique day, I strongly believe that even as we get older we should continue to encourage others and ourselves to strive in growth and personal capabilities.  Here at New Jersey Eastern Star Home, we are interested in developing a variety of different programs some of which include music, art, horticulture, as well as taking part in community outreach organizations.  I am reaching out to our community to ask if anyone is willing to donate supplies to help enrich our seniors through programming and more.

As always, any donations are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Simone Rudich

Director of Activities 
New Jersey Eastern Star Home 
111 Finderne Ave
Bridgewater, NJ 08807
908-722-4140 ext. 3527
Mar 1, 2022 new MEssage - from Dr. Dawn Giakia, Administrator of the OES HoME

January 2022 

Dear Eastern Star Community,  

Since my last writing in June, we have continued to work tirelessly to rise to the challenges  of our everyday practice in addition to those presented by the pandemic.  

We have continued to be vigilant in screening all staff and visitors to our Home as well as  testing of patients and staff according to regulation. The Home is not permitted to restrict  visitation based on vaccination status and cannot require visitors to submit to covid testing  to gain entrance to the facility. Although we are again discouraging visits due to high  community transmission rates, visits are still permitted. As such, some of the variables in  disease transmission are outside of the Home’s control. Despite this, we have continued to  work tirelessly to protect our residents, patients, and staff through stringent infection control  protocols.  

A few of our “year in review” highlights contain combatting the pandemic, the roof  replacement project, implementation of an Electronic Medical Record, and more recently the  replacement of one of our boilers with three smaller and more efficient units. We will  continue to identify and address infrastructure and physical plant projects that had not been  previously prioritized in years past. We continue to deal with staffing challenges due to  quarantine restrictions for covid 19 as well as the impact of unemployment policies which  have made job recruitment more difficult and much more competitive. Also noteworthy was  the revision of our employee health insurance plan which now provides more expansive  coverage, a newly added vision plan, and a significantly lower cost to the facility and employees. We have ensured that all of our staff has been fully vaccinated for COVID-19.  Our next goal is to “boost” at least 70 percent of our staff, while not yet mandated, to provide  the most protection for our residents.  

We have intensified our presence on the internet with advertising in several local online  newspapers and patient guides as well as submitting frequent press releases regarding  facility happenings, of interest to the public. Additionally, we are in the midst of updating our  website to better showcase the facility’s offerings and provide a comprehensive overview to  consumers, especially in these times where people are doing their research remotely. All of  these efforts have helped us start rebounding from the decreased occupancy caused by  COVID-19.  

Please know that the Home needs and appreciates your support during these times.  Expenses for supplies, supplementary staffing as well as major repairs in conjunction with  the added expenses of battling covid-19 have forced several long-term care facilities to close  their doors.  

We appreciate all that you do and your ongoing support of the Home. Please continue to  make smart contact choices to protect yourself and those around you! 

Very truly yours, 

Dr. Dawn Giakas 


Mar 1, 2022



Delegates’ Meeting:  The Delegates’ meeting is set for June 4th at Burlington, NJ.  More information will be coming out soon.  

At the present time, the Home is open for visitors.
  The Home is adhering to the requirements from the CDC and Governor’s office.  You need to call the Home to make an appointment to visit a resident.  Only two people can visit at a time with a resident.  They are doing both indoor and outdoor visitations.  It is also opened for volunteers.  If you or your Chapter, would like to do BINGO, craft projects, or anything else, you will need to contact Simone Rudich, Director of Activities at 908-722-4140, ext. 3527 and let her know when and how many volunteers you will be bringing.  Masks must be worn while you are in the Home, you must be fully vaccination and boostered, and you need to take a rapid Covid test when you enter the Home. 

  The Board of Directors and the New Jersey Eastern Star Home wants to thank everyone for your donations during these difficult times.  Because of the added expenses of COVID-19, Chapters not meeting, and Home Day canceled two years in a row, your donations are greatly appreciated.  If you would like to donate to the Home, please make a check payable to New Jersey Eastern Star Home, Inc. and in the memo line, put where you would like it to go.  Please mail all donations to Carole Moore, PGM. 

The Home is in need of BINGO prizes and items for the monthly Boutique.
  Here are some of the suggestions, stuffed animals, jewelry, books, lap blankets, scarves, tissues, yarn, shirts for men and women, ties, hats, watches, or any other item you might want to donate.  Please make sure that you put it to the attention of Simone Rudich, Director of Activities.  Simone is also looking for volunteers to help bring residents to Bingo and the beauty salon on Tuesday and Thursday.  If you are interested please contact her.

Cards for the Residents:  
The Department of Health is now focusing on preventing social isolation amongst residents. The Board of Directors is asking our membership to send cards to the Eastern Star Nursing Home.  If you know a resident there you can send it addressed to them.  If you don’t you can send your cards to the Activities Director, Simone Rudich and she will pass them out among the residents. 

The mailing address for Simone is:

New Jersey Eastern Star Home, Inc.
Attn: Simone Rudich
111 Finderne Avenue

Bridgewater, New Jersey 08807

It doesn’t have to be a holiday; you can send thinking of you cards or anything that would benefit the residents.  The Eastern Star Home and the Board of Directors thanks you for all that you do for the residents.

Projects:  We have had several costly projects in the last two years.  Because of Covid the Home’s expenses have tripled.  We have had several projects the past couple of years that needed to be done.

The following projects have been completed:

The roof on the old section of the Home,

Boilers needed to be replaced, and we needed a Emergency Boiler on the premises while the work was being done.

Pipe Burst in Sub-Acute Section of the Home.

A Wing Renew/Refresh.

Wander Guard System on the doors and Video Security Cameras.

Computers, Laptops, printers and other equipment needed to computerized Medical records, point click system and WiFi, all mandated by the governor to be done by June 2020.

Security Nurse Call system.

Beauty Salon Refresh.

Chiller Compressor replacement.  

We also have several projects that are waiting to be done.  

New roof on the new section of the Home.  

Replacement of the 62 year old backup boiler.

B Wing Renew/Refresh.

Shower room on B Wing need to be renovated.

Chillers need to be replaced.  

All of this is estimated at around $2 million dollars.  This estimated price does not include the added expenses that COVID has caused.  We thank everyone who have made donations.   

Becoming a Resident:  Attached below is information on becoming a resident at the Home.  If you have any questions, please contact Shelretha LaSure and she can get you the information you need.  Tree of Life:  If you would like to purchase a leaf or rock for the Tree of Life, the forms are on the NJ Eastern Star Home website. 

Rehabilitation Unit:  We have a state-of-the-art Rehabilitation Unit and hope that you will consider our facility should you or someone you know need our services.  They provide physical, occupational and speech therapy.    

Facebook/Website:  NJ Eastern Star Home has a Facebook page, please go on their page and follow them.  You can also visit the Home’s website at www.njeasternstarhome.com.  

Fundraiser:  COVID has put a stress on the Home financially.  I want to thank our members that have donated to the Home to help during these trying times.  In the Star Journal there is a calendar fundraiser.  Have some fun with it.  All donations for the calendar fundraiser can be sent to Carole Moore, PGM.  Please make sure you put Calendar fundraiser on the memo line.  It’s not too late to send in a donation.  We will also be having a bus trip to Mackinac Island in July 2023.  See Diane Schmolze for more information.

Thanks in advance for your help and please stay safe.





Becoming a resident_Flyer.pd